Restorative Thinking Limited with Liverpool City Council


Two-year restorative practice schools pilot


Restorative Thinking Limited (RT) is working with six schools in Liverpool, 2015-2017, to implement whole school restorative practice. Each of the six schools has identified a restorative practice guiding team to lead the pilot alongside the RT team. RT training and consultation with all six schools is needs-based and each school has developed its own individual ‘road map’ for the two year pilot and beyond. This project is funded by the Families’ Strategic Group, Liverpool City Council.
These short films have been developed with pupils and staff at the Academy of Saint Francis of Assisi.


This seven minute film shows how the Senior Leadership team, teachers, support staff, pupils and parents have been working with Restorative Thinking Limited to develop a whole school restorative approach. Restorative practice is strengthening day-to-day relationships and supporting teaching and learning in addition to the school’s behaviour strategy.


This five minute film shows how circle time, check-in and check-out are supporting the development of emotional literacy and problem solving, strengthening relationships and developing character in addition to supporting teaching and learning.


This film shows how pupils have been trained by Restorative Thinking Limited as restorative practice peer mentors.


This two minute film shows two pupils speaking about their experiences of the pilot.