Restorative DA Perpetrator Programme

Relationships without Conflict (restorative domestic abuse perpetrator programme)

This is a pioneering Restorative Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme, delivered over ten 2.5 hour sessions.  The programme is based on sound evidence and is congruent with the ‘What Works’ literature.  Relationships without Conflict is underpinned by DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), SFT (Solution Focused Therapy) and developmental psychology.  It draws on restorative principles and skills, giving participants practical strategies to develop positive self-talk, take responsibility, resolve conflict and repair harm.

Relationships without Conflict is evidence based, having been delivered over a 2.5 year period throughout Cumbria, 2015-17.  The programme has also been evaluated externally by The Brathay Trust; download the Evaluation Report here.

“Feedback indicates that the Relationships without Conflict programme delivered by Restorative Thinking Limited not only gave participants the tools to cope with everyday life, it crucially provided a supportive space where people felt valued and safe. This is an example of ‘what works’ and should be replicated in future programmes.” (The Brathay Trust, 2017)

The programme recognises that many participants have complex needs that CBT techniques alone cannot address, because they work at the cognitive level which is impacted by intense emotion.  

The programme is suitable for those assessed as low/moderate risk of harm, both men and women.   The referral and assessment process allows the intervention to be matched with the age of behaviour development of participant/s.

Delivery of the programme is needs-based, tailored to the individual needs of those referred to the programme.   All participants are provided with a  workbook to support their learning both during and after engagement with the programme.

There is rigorous monitoring of the quality of programme delivery with partners and an evaluation of the impact made by the programme on repeat incidents of domestic violence.

Supplementing the perpetrator programme is a parallel short programme for the spouse/partner, and a booklet containing information around what the practical outcomes from the perpetrator programme might be, introducing the spouse/partner to restorative strategies that can be adopted at home.

Comments from participants:

“An awesome course and workers. Massive respect.”

“Very informative – really good course and would recommend it wholeheartedly”.



Relationships without Conflict is now available to Local Authorities, PCCs, Prisons and Probation Services to deliver via a licensing agreement, with resources, training, wrap around support for facilitators and quality control by Restorative Thinking Limited.  For further information, please contact Mrs Lesley Parkinson: