Restorative Parenting


Restorative Thinking has devised successful ways of working with parents and carers to facilitate practical restorative parenting skills.  We help Local Authorities and Probation Services to deliver a restorative education with parents/carers in the following ways:


  • Train staff to deliver our Restorative Parenting Awareness Session, four 1-hour sessions that introduce restorative principles and skills to groups and individuals.  Local Authorities and Probation Services  deliver these sessions following our training/coaching and as part of a licensing agreement, with wrap around support and Quality Assurance built in.


  • Parenting without Conflict is a group prevention/intervention programme, awarded the CANparent Quality Mark.   Delivered by our own experienced facilitators and a range of providers via a licensing agreement, including Children’s Centres and Probation Services, the programme helps parents/carers understand their child/ren’s development and behaviour and the reasons underpinning the challenges a child may present.  Drawing on restorative and relational practice, the programme encourages parents/carers to think about responses to their child’s behaviour, what their child’s behaviour is communicating and ultimately to think about responses which meet their child/ren’s needs.


Parent/carer voice:

Ive learnt to sit my son by me and to explain wrong from right.” (Parent, Salford)

I learnt patience and listening and taking my child’s needs on board.  (Parent, Bristol)

“I really like that the programme is delivered over just four weeks…which is reflected in the attendance. Parents are now more aware of what their child may be thinking or feeling during challenging situations.”  (Centre Manager, Bristol)


Recent evaluation has shown that, after attending our classes, 90% of parents feel they understand their child’s development and 91% feel they understand their child’s needs.  The Brathay Trust conducted an external evaluation of the programme, April 2015 – 17:

Key findings of The Brathay Trust evaluation

  • Feedback from Children’s Services and Focus Families indicate good outcomes for clients on the Restorative Thinking Limited programmes. (p.11)
  • 88% of those surveyed who attended Restorative Thinking Limited’s Relationships without Conflict and/or Parenting without Conflict course reported changed behaviour. (p.13)
  • 78% of those who attended Restorative Thinking Limited’s Relationships without Conflict &/or Parenting without Conflict programme reported improved life chances. (p.14)
  • Emergent findings indicate that n=2 children whose parents attended Restorative Thinking Limited’s RWC & PWC programmes are able to express their feelings within the home environment. Parents attribute this to improved empathic course facilitators who delivered material which supported them to develop better communication and parenting skills. (p.15)

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