Restorative Gloucestershire – intervention programme feedback

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Restorative Gloucestershire – intervention programme feedback










Restorative Gloucestershire delivers Restorative Thinking Limited’s intervention programme for working with offenders via an annual licensing agreement.  Programme delivery is now in its second year.  As part of Restorative Thinking Limited’s Quality Assurance, we provide ongoing training and programme observations with Restorative Gloucestershire colleagues and receive evaluation from facilitators and participants following each round of programme delivery.


Recent feedback from participants:

“The new thinking helped me understand myself dealing with needs and challenges.”

“New aims and purpose.  Feel like I am part of it all, not separated and isolated by my own behaviour.”

“I was able to put it into practice almost straight way because of how it was taught to me.”

“I was able to identify that I could sit down and set goals for me and my girls with my social worker and keyworker.”

“Really interesting looking at boundaries, the table we used showed effectively how too much or too little support can make us feel, and the importance of boundaries.”

“Showed us how our thoughts and feelings are underlying and hidden, and effect our actions.”


Recent feedback from programme facilitators at Restorative Gloucestershire:

“B engaged well throughout all of the exercises, she was able to explain her very strong values towards family and what impact it has on her behaviour if these are challenged.”

“Spoke openly how he used what he learnt in last few sessions to avoid a serious conflict last night.  Seemed to really understand.”

“G thought about the course and worked hard planning in her work for her future support and what she needed.  Restorative referral has been completed for past victim.”

“Got very involved in all the exercises.  When talking about the ripple effect he started to make comparisons about his ripple effect and the effect he’s had on the community.”

“L reflected on how to approach her social worker differently.”


Please get in touch if you would like to know more about a licensing agreement to deliver one of our restorative prevention/intervention programmes:

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