Restorative Thinking offers a range of evidence-based restorative prevention and intervention programmes.  These programmes are either delivered by our own experienced facilitators or by prison/probation setting/youth justice setting in-house staff, via a licensing agreement.

All Restorative Thinking prevention and intervention programmes are trauma informed and are congruent with the ‘What Works’ literature.  Restorative Thinking programmes are underpinned by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Developmental Psychology and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.  All programmes draw strongly on the full range of restorative principles and skills, improving the process of change and helping to facilitate sustainable behaviour change.









     Restorative Thinking Programmes:

  • Parenting without Conflict has been awarded the Department of Health’s CANparent Quality Mark.  Delivered over four 2.5 hour sessions, this is a universal programme,  suitable for anyone with a parenting role.  This programme is part of an external evaluation by The Brathay Trust and an internal evaluation by our team.


  • Relationships without Conflict has been delivered extensively with families at risk of, or experiencing, domestic abuse.  The referral and assessment process allows the intervention to be matched with the age of behaviour development of participant/s.  Delivered over eight 2 hour sessions.   This programme is part of an external evaluation by The Brathay Trust.


  • Restorative Life Skills (programme for working with offenders) encourages participants to adopt restorative principles and skills on a daily basis; restorative and relational practice become the explicit set of principles and practice that inform every communication.  In addition, this programme is successful in helping prepare offenders/ex-offenders to take part in a meaningful restorative conference.  Delivered over six 1.5 hour sessions.


For a full profile of each programme, including service user feedback and references from Commissioners, please contact us for further information.