Secondary toolkit and training feedback

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Restorative Thinking delivered a training session with staff at the Acorn Free School in Lincoln last week, qualifying staff to Level 1 in restorative practices and use of the Restorative Thinking secondary toolkit.

We received excellent feedback from the training session:

Which parts did you find most interesting and helpful?

  • The video about Endeavour’s use of restorative practice.
  • Social Discipline Window.
  • Lego DVD helpful, views of pupils.
  • The idea of shame being such an important factor.
  • Squares in squares window.
  • The window/boxes in a box.
  • Circle time; reactions of kids and parents.
  • Visual prompts – especially social discipline grid.

Please comment overall on the effectiveness of the speakers/trainers at this event in terms of style, content and delivery.

  • Excellent.
  • Good style, content and delivery.
  • Very engaging.
  • Very effective and knowledgeable.
  • Delivered the session very well and kept us engaged.
  • It was really informative and helpful. The visual prompts, videos and activities were very good.

If you learned or improved a skill (eg. practical, work based, social, research, thinking, creative):

  • Learnt to  give pupils the chance to sort differences.
  • To plan discussions.
  • Social Discipline Window.
  • Creativity of tools.

If you have changed your mind about anything or increased your confidence in a particular area:

  • Confidence  in dealing with conflict.
  • Using restorative circles within a classroom setting.
  • I have increased my confidence in restorative work.
  • Increased awareness of restorative justice.
  • Overall confidence in dealing with incidents.

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