Restorative Thinking and North Lincolnshire Council

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Restorative Thinking is working with North Lincolnshire Council to develop restorative practice across the Children’s and Adult Services workforce.

Our training and implementation plan (2017-19) includes identifying and training a restorative guiding team and delivering needs-based training, coaching and modelling to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of teams to bring sustainability to this project.

To date, Restorative Thinking has trained a restorative guiding team, including this team in co-delivery to enhance both practitioner and training skills; delivered a 2-day restorative principles and skills training course to over 100 staff, and has co-developed a restorative awareness course that will be delivered by the restorative guiding team.

Current training and coaching is helping to develop restorative practice and skills to support:

  • Restorative fostering placement support meetings;
  • Case management teams;
  • Adult services care placements;
  • Development of restorative complaints processes.

Comments from North Lincolnshire leadersip:

“We had about four and a half hours and I didn’t look at the clock at all – time just flew by because it was so engaging.”

“For me, it was pitched at the right level to match my needs.”

“It has given us so much knowledge to take forward, plus something specific to put into action straightaway – how to plan a meeting with a complainant to get the most out of the meeting and ensure an outcome.”

“I found real benefits in having a 2:1 instead of being in a bigger group – non stop information, which might have been diluted in a bigger group.”

“As we went further in to the afternoon, I got more and more confidence that Chris really knew his stuff, not just academically, but from being a practitioner as well.”

“There were a few lightbulb moments.”

“A very good investment for the council, I would say.”

Please contact us if you would like to know more about restorative practice as a workforce strategy:


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