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This is an e-Learning CPD resource for schools, introducing restorative practice and how RP supports the transition back to school following the period of isolation and physical distancing (staff, students, parents).  The CPD platform also explores how restorative practice fosters ongoing positive mental health and well-being.  This course is suitable for primary, secondary and special schools.
The course takes 1.5 hours to complete, and includes insights and downloadable resources from some of the schools that are part of our current restorative practice project in Liverpool (see attached flyer).
In June 2020, the Department of Education at the University of Oxford published a research report, ‘School Exclusion Risks after COVID-19 ‘;  this report recommends that schools  “… consider alternatives such as adopting restorative practices,” (p.5) and that “… mental health and wellbeing should be seen to be everyone’s business with all practitioners viewing this as part of their core work for their students and for one another.” (p.8)
The e-Learning CPD was launched in June 2020, and feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with 93.59% of teachers rating the e-Learning CPD as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’:
It has provided me with useful strategies I will use to support the students transition back into school after the COVID experience.”
“I liked the input from different schools, sharing helpful resources and insights into how Restorative Practice and Thinking can be embedded in everyday practice.”
“I really enjoyed the practical guidance, the scripts and videos of sessions in place from other schools and the access to useful resources to support my future practice.”
“A positive learning experience and excellent resources; facilitating safe and meaningful conversations around building trust, relationships, empathy, understanding and resolving conflict.”
Please get in touch if you’d like to enroll your school.  Contact Mrs Lesley Parkinson:

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