Restorative Relationships programme graduates

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Restorative Relationships programme graduates

Our Restorative Relationships prevention and intervention programme is delivered over ten 2.5 hour sessions.

The programme is based on sound evidence and is congruent with the ‘What Works’ literature.  Restorative Relationships is underpinned by DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), SFT (Solution Focused Therapy) and developmental psychology.  It draws on emotional management strategies and restorative principles and skills, giving participants practical ways to better manage emotions, develop positive self-talk, take responsibility, resolve conflict and repair harm.

Our most recent group graduated this week, with flying colours. Here’s what they tell us:

I have enjoyed the course.  I feel I have healthy relationships with my family and peers.  I’ve learnt a lot.”

I feel I have a deeper level of understanding around my behaviour and the steps I can take to have more fulfilling relationships in future.”

I have really enjoyed this course.  It has helped me become a lot more aware of my own body cues and behaviour, to deal with difficult situations with a calm attitude and to accept things out of my control.”

Restorative Relationships programme delivery in Cumbria is part of the PCC’s ‘Turning the Spotlight’ programme, providing a holistic family service for both victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Nine men in recovery graduated from the programme yesterday. We spent some time in the final session honing our conflict resolution skills, using restorative questioning:


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