Parenting Programme

Restorative Thinking  (Parenting without Conflict)

Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict) is delivered in Prison, Probation and YOI settings:

  • With groups (up to 12)
  • With participants and their spouse/partner (up to 12)

Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict) has been awarded the Department of Health’s CANparent Quality Mark.  The DfE filmed delivery of our classes to help promote the CANparent trial nationally:


We offer this programme within criminal justice settings (Prisons, Probation Trusts, Youth Offending Services), delivered either by our own experienced facilitators or via a Licence Agreement.

The programme encourages parents/carers to think about their responses to their child’s behaviour, what their child’s behaviour is communicating and ultimately to think about responses which best meet their child’s needs.

Fathers and their spouse/partner who have taken part in the programme at HMP Forest Bank tell us what they have learnt:

“Making a positive change so everything is a win-win situation.”

“Learn how to be a better parent and teach my child to be a better child.”

“I’ve learnt to sit my son by me and to explain wrong from right.”

“To work in line with my partner.”

“How to redirect.”

“To show children the behaviour you want to see.”


Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict) covers the following topics:

  • communicating and staying calm
  • engaging restorative approaches
  • coping with difficult behaviour
  • parents working together as a team
  • understanding different stages of your child’s development
  • managing conflict
  • the psychology behind behaviour and conflict

The range of reflective activities encourage parents to consider the impact of their parenting styles and allows them to develop new skills needed to restore and rebuild positive relationships and reduce future conflict. Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict) prepares parents in prison/on probation to reconnect with their children.

The programme, which is underpinned by restorative values and approaches, is delivered over four 2.5 hour sessions and includes a range of activities and taught sessions all of which are clearly laid out in the programme.

As part of our Licence Agreement, we  train Prison/Probation/YOI facilitators to deliver the programme in house, offering wrap-around support and evaluating the implementation of the programme at each establishment. Alternatively, we provide facilitators to deliver the programme in Criminal Justice settings.


A pilot of Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict) has been running in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, since early 2012.  Parents have been successfully engaged through local Children’s Centres and schools, with families referred to the programme by GPs, Paediatric Psychiatrists, CAMHS, CAPSS, Social Services and schools.

Across the board there has been strong evidence of improved outcomes for children and families. 70 families have enrolled on the course and 56 completed it fully. This in itself developed an ethos of perseverance within families and has been replicated in improved attendance for the children. Schools have reported fewer instances of challenging behaviour with the families participating on the course and also an improved level of engagement by the parents in meetings and consultation events.

Where antisocial behaviour has been a problem the local police and schools have reported fewer incidents and a more responsive attitude to seeking solutions and responding to assistance.



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