Parenting poem

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Parenting poem

Restorative Thinking Limited is currently delivering a number of restorative parenting programmes at HMP Risley with POPS (Partners of Prisoners).  We had a lovely surprise today at the final session of one of our ‘Parenting without Conflict’ courses when a participant (Chris) presented a poem; he has given his consent for us to share it.  Here goes:




I have children,

do you have children as well

when you really think about your kids

what can you tell


Is it biological

are they hungry or cold

you can’t always tell

if truth be told


Parents never stop learning

no matter how old

they get, never forget

you can look oh so closer

when your child’s upset


do they feel safe and protected

is that a reason for the cry

has their integrity been compromised

are they embarrassed is it the pride

no matter what it is, don’t say ‘why?’

how would you react if you felt your

parents weren’t on side


ask them how they feel

what’s going through their head

situations can be avoided

if they are talked about or said


set up some fair boundaries

show love but please don’t smother

nobody’s a perfect dad

nobody’s a perfect mother


what is perfect?


there is a parenting course

ran by two lovely women

get onto the course and you’ll be


yes, you’ll be glad, if just for a

biscuit and a brew

or to get out of your pad

(by Chris)


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