Case Study: Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict)

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Case Study:  Restorative Thinking (Parenting without Conflict)

Case Study 3:  Male participant, Parenting without Conflict, HMP setting


“Our facilitator was delivering ‘Parenting without Conflict’ at a HMP setting.  One member of the group was openly sceptical of the programme content and expressed his doubts that it could be effective.  The facilitator noticed his negative comments having an impact on the rest of the group.

During Session 3, a warm day, the window was open and a group of men outside were making a lot of noise, so much so that the group couldn’t hear each other.

“Right, watch this!”, said the group member who had been very negative, “Let’s see if what you are teaching works shall we?  I’d normally tell them to shut the f..k up, but I’ll try it your way!”

He leaned out of the window and said, “Excuse me, we are doing group work in here…would you mind please being quiet?”  He fully expected the group outside to shout obscenities back at him.

When they replied, “Sorry mate, yes we’ll keep it down,” the entire group burst into fits of laughter and the man who had been negative to this point had found a turning point.  For the remainder of the course he was fully engaged and positive about the course material.”

(Lesley Parkinson, Executive Director, June 2016)

Participant comments from ‘Parenting without Conflict’:

“I feel this course is giving me a better understanding and more parenting tools.”

“The course is helping me understand my children more and helping me be more aware of their needs.”

“Learnt about a lot today and it’s helping me.”

“Overwhelming.  A lot to take in.”

“Children are most important people in my life.”

“Stop arguing with my partner a lot.”

“If I had my kids I would give them lots of love and support.”

“My ex-partner was very violent (mentally and physically) and my girls were taken, so this course has taught me a lot.  I am more aware of children being mistreated.”

“This course has given me more tools to check in with myself.  For example I now have a list of rhetorical questions to run through to get a better outcome.”

“This course will help me be the dad I want to be to my children.”

“I will apply a LOT of what we learned in my next relationship.”

“It gave me a different way of thinking and dealing with my underlying depression.”

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